Cdiscount UK??

Found 27th Mar 2009
Just came across the site, looks good.
Anyone used them before?

Also in regards to the 3 installments, when do you receive the item(s) after the 1st or 3rd payment?

Thanks in advance
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Think they're kosher. Their deals are on here all the time, do a search.
I've used the site, but the discounts are random. Seem to go from midday onwards. Not used the 3 installment option, but you should receive straight after ordering, not after 3rd pmt rec'd.

Brilliant thank you both
Only used them once,i emailed after 3 weeks to check where my order was,they emailed back it was OOS arrghhh
Ordered a few things........always been excellent so far.
I have used them twice, if you paid today with the 3 installements then the item will be with you on Tuesday if you select next day delivery as its after 4pm now.
Used them twice without any issues
Used them several times, no problems. They also pay up the Quidco very quickly.
Ditto, used them plenty and always been good. I have read a few horror stories though!
I bought a laser printer off them, using the 3 payments, and it was with me really quickly, and payments have been fine.
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