Found 1st Jan 2009
Anyone used these guys before, there are lots of deals from them on here at the moment but anyone if they are any good? reliable etc??
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To be honest I have already made my own feelings felt with the annoyance of these on here with misleading titles.

These deals are ridiculously misleading saying cashback, because it isnt cashback is it, not the bargain its made out to be.

Titles of peoples posts clearly states cashback, not account credit!

Lets face it, you can guarantee when you get the cashback come through in January, prices of stuff on the website go up and you are tied into buying something else with your account credit, seems somewhat dishonest to me, and most certainly ISNT cashback.
to be honest im thinking about getting furniture not clothes so not too bothered about cashback,
just wanted to see if they are reliable!
To be honest, I am a little peed off that mods are even posting deals on Cdiscount saying "cashback" out of anyone you would expect mods to have correct detailing in deals not misleading titles.

to be honest im thinking about getting furniture not clothes so not too … to be honest im thinking about getting furniture not clothes so not too bothered about cashback,just wanted to see if they are reliable!

Haven't got a clue on reliability, but seems somewhat fishy they are roping people into accounts with account credit (its not cashback!!) to me, makes me think that prices will somewhat change once they have people tied in with accounts and balances.
I ordered with them on the 23rd, got my monitor the next day (xmas eve) no problems. Very good from my experience. I hadn't realised about any sort of credit (cashback or not) when I placed my order, the price was right, they delivered on time and I got a free bottle of wine. If I get some credit back, well thats a bonus.

Cashback...... credit - Lighten up!

People are saying cashback cos that is how it is advertised on their website. If on their website it said 50% credit, people would post the word "Credit".

Is a great offer and so what if they put their prices up your not "tied" into buying anything! Just get some cheap freebies i.e. Wine or Socks or wait for another sale then use it!

Things like this may pee you guys off, but people moaning about great deals pee me off!
ordered a laptop on 11/12/2008
received within 4 days
got quidco
received 15% vat voucher in my account today.

very reliable. good customer service as well, quick same day responses to my stupid emails.
My experience with them is diabolical. 24 hour delivery turned out to be about a week, no good communication to let me know when it would arrive and no communication from them at all in response to my many ttempts to contact them.
Has anyone got any contact details for them other than their online message system which produced no replies or their 0844 number which just went on to music?
See my post, not happy with them at all, hoping they will redeem themselves at some point in the not too distant future!
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