Groups (3 payment plan)

    if i pay via the 3 payment plan, do they do a credit check? coz i cant get credit as im not on the elec. register, and ive moved around a lot as im in london, i dont really want to give them 3rd of the money then they wont send me the item and i dont see it for 3 months until i have paid it off. anyone know?


    could you not ring them and ask ? i would geuss it dont as it states its not finance etc

    no they dont do a credit check

    also- posting this in all c-dis related threads

    Make sure you're in when they say they're going to deliver, cdiscount use HDN couriers and they are absolutly rubbish. we ordered a sony vaio on the 17th of december, on the 22rd it still hadn't turned up so we called cdiscount, they told us it had been left with a neighbour on the 20th of december but no card had been left so no way for us to know which neighbour, they said it had been signed for aswel

    we asked the man 1 door down from us and he said they asked him to take it but he wouldnt be around and that a little while later he saw it left on the floor outside our door (which every tom dick and harry walks past)

    we phoned cdis again that evening and they said they would email HDN (who have no contact phone number whatsoever, the only way of contacting them is through the company who can only contact them via email)

    HDN emailed back saying they would interview the driver to find out which neighbour he left it with on the 23rd,
    they still havent found out where he left it (now the 29th, how long does a 2 minute phone call take to make??)

    all in all cdiscount is a great site with excellent customer service, using HDN lets them down big time though, make sure you use next day delivery and that you are in otherwise you might have to share our misery


    why don't you just pay the full whack? if you canny afford it then wait till you can
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