Found 4th Feb 2010
whats the score with cdiscounts are they still trading or not? (in provisional liquidation)
bought a tv from them just before christmas, makers arent interested in repairing for free and i dont fancy my chances of returning it to cdiscounts. has anybody bought or returned anything lately?

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If you bought with your credit card, raise it with them. They are jointly liable.

I bought a wifi radio from cdiscount but had to return it. They received it at the returns depot but they went under before it was processed. I raised a query with my CC company and they credited the transaction.

Funny enough my 22" LG TV/monitor went wrong Wednesday I had from CDiscount 7 months ago, contacted LG, gave them all the details and they did a swap-out today. I think the manufacturer is responsible for the 1st year no matter what so long as you can prove date of purchase.

I bought a tv last march from them and its faulty. Rang the manufacturers today and they wont do anything until we faff about finding out 'exactly' what the fault is (its a combo and constantly ejects dvds).
All Cdiscount did was send me a phone number for the manufacturer, which is what I expected tbh.
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