CDKeys 5% Facebook like (how to)

Posted 29th Jun 2015
Hi, so does anyone actually know how to get the 5% off Facebook promotion that cd keys is offering? I have liked their Facebook page and can't find any codes or anything sent to me. How do I find the code for a discount ?
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Click the link on their Facebook page.
Next to 'Photos' on the FB page, it says "Click here to get 5% off!". That will run a FB app (check if you've disabled apps or are using NoScript (or similar)).
You can put almost anything in the email box - doesn't have to be a valid email (doesn't even check for an @ symbol!).
The code is displayed on screen and is valid for up to 30 mins.
You then stick the code in the CDKeys ordering page.

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As far as I'm aware, you need to go to their page on a pc/laptop. I could never find the link on the mobile site.
View Facebook in desktop mode on your phone.
cant find the link on PC or iPhone
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