Warning: CDKeys - Additional Verification required. Scammers?

Posted 28th Mar
Hi all,

Just bought Forza 4 from the deal on here, paid by PayPal, it went through. When I clicked the link it went on about switching VPN off which I did (used 4G on phone), now it says they're doing some "additional checks" n it will take about 30 mins (that was an hour ago).

Will they sort it at this time on a Sat night? Am assuming their support staff are working from home.

Cheers all!
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Depends how many working, can take up to a day. They are good but it can take a while...
Very slow right now
They've now sent an email (from a "Support Ace" according to their signature.. ) saying I have to provide ID on a bit of paper with today's date and time and "CDKeys.com" written on it.

Seriously? What a bunch of clowns. PayPal is secure enough, why do I have to provide these jokers with my ID?
cdkeys are usually ok to buy from. What they're asking seems like overkill. Might be worth just asking for a refund

I actually came on here to see if anyone had bought anything from them in the last week. I need some PSN credit and was going to buy from CDkeys as usual but looks like I might be best either just paying full price and buying directly from PS store or else Tesco when I'm getting our essential fresh food items tomorrow
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Tried twice (once PayPal, once debit card) both times the payment went through but they said they need me to send my ID because "they've been the target of fraud in the past.."

So they're refusing to accept my money basically, nice business model.

Bunch of scam artists, best avoided.
That’s happened to me before. Don’t worry. I’ve used them around 50 times
AdventureDeals29/03/2020 19:59

That’s happened to me before. Don’t worry. I’ve used them around 50 times

Yeh but I'm prohibited to purchase a game from these clowns in effect.
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