CDkeys - ElectronicFirst etc - NowTV vouchers no longer work.

Posted 18th Oct

(this relates to SkySports Week pass, but presume it may affect all)

Often see deals here for NOWtv passes, for a couple of ££ from sites like CD keys,

I've used them a few times myself,

Recently tried to use another from CD keys and create a new Now TV account for my dad, with his details. But code did not work, you get the following message;

"There has been an issue applying your voucher, Your voucher is invalid, please head to NOW TV to buy a Pass"

thought it may have been a one off, so I purchased another from CD keys, only for the same to happen again.

Contacted CDkeys and explained and they are refunding me, I asked if there was a problem with their codes, as I would still like one if they can resolve it. But their advisor advised me not to buy them. (yet they are still selling them on their site)

This was 2 days ago,

I gave electronicfirst a go today, and the same happens with their codes.

So i suspect NowTV have blocked these non-official resellers.....

Sorry it its already been mentioned.

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ElecontricFirst have also refunded me, Refused to acknowledge if there was an issue with the codes

but are still selling them.

I am thinking this issue may be with the cheap week passes.

Would be interested to know if the month passes from CDkeys are still valid (£23.99)
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I have purchased a few codes and they have all worked, I don't think NowTV have blocked them, that would not make sense as they have already distributed the codes - places like these sites are resellers, so the codes should be fine?

You may just have been unlucky with the code, or maybe you have had a promotion before and need to change the account... that has happened to me get a deal, sometimes you have to play the game

Good that they helped you though, hopefully you get one that works... its a great deal!
The codes were all free from a playstation promotion. Resellers of these have all just created multiple PS accounts and redeemed them. Now TV have cancelled all from the PS promotion and all the single account use cheap codes have been cancelled. This happened around 4 days ago
Yes all the cheap day ones now void.

Prices now gone upto £8+ for a week pass (so presuming these are now the genuine stocks) non-promo like the PS codes mentioned.

I ended up buying the month pass for £23.99, wouldn't normally, but thanks to the fixtures it means I would get atleast 4 of the matches I wanted.
The new more expensive code did not work for me, still waiting to hear back from cdkeys, need sky sports tonight and for this weekend so not sure where best to get it from now :(. usually cd keys has been fine and working for me
Yep i have used the cheap CD key ones in the past no problems.

Only mid october they stopped working, (along with all similar priced ones i bet)

Electronic First still selling them for £3.52, even though they are refunding me as the codes don't work.

The £8 priced once now from CD keys not too bad, but very rarely will you get 2 x games in the same week from your team.
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