Cdkeys Facebook 5% discount

    Apparently you get a 5% discount if you like their page, I did that but got nothing. I'm using a phone and have no access to a computer so was wonder if anyone could like their page and PM me the code?

    Much appreciated.


    you need to be logged into cdkeys for the code to work

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    you need to be logged into cdkeys for the code to work

    Ah I see... did that and unliked/reliked the page and nothing happened.

    Somewhere on the FB CDKeys page there's a link to get the code, you'll have to enter an email address.

    Can't be more specific as I only log in to facebook to get that code, bloody hate it haha.

    You're looking for something like this:

    Alternatively, this link should work, like given or not:…96/

    As above, you need to be logged in to when trying to redeem the code or it won't work, and be aware that each code lasts for only a few minutes before you need to request a new one.

    Code is: 444634SZ26

    Doesn't show on the mobile site you need to look via the desktop version, like the page then enter the code on checkout once logged in to your account

    I went through the FB page to get mine, although can't remember what I clicked on within their page...:|
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