C:Documents and SettingsuserLocal SettingsTemp

    Hi. Just cleaning up the computer (getting slow now) ie;deleting etc. I just found under
    "C:Documents and SettingsuserLocal SettingsTemp" about 4GB of temp files - it is OK to delete all of them,


    Yep - you'll get a warning message if you try to delete a file that's being used.

    Original Poster

    Thanks, just checking

    use cccleaner, saves all the effort.

    Windows has a Disk Cleanup option.

    Far better using that.


    Windows has a Disk Cleanup option. Far better using that.


    Anyone reading this, who has never done this before, do it now, I have seen 3-4 year old machines that have become ridiculously slow and doing this sorted out all their problems.

    In some cases it took 4 hours to clear all the crap, but after it was done the user noticed a significant speed increase for what is basically just a few clicks.

    Select them all and hit OK

    Let the computer do its job.

    i just open explorer and type %temp% and then delete all the files that appear.
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