Found 25th Feb 2007
Amy ideas on cheap cds again??

thanks in advance
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Blanks, Music, Pink ones, Blue ones?
Cds of who/what?

If you're not fussy then you could try your local Poundland, they're 2 for 1 at the moment!
sorry about that - havin a think day
[SIZE=2]just looking some blanks ones[/SIZE]

Blanks, Music, Pink ones, Blue ones?

Prefer operatic with a touch of punk in either green or red personally! :giggle:
I managed to bag a load of these too..

They didnt have them at my local Tesco, but I saw them in the larger branch.
thanx for suggestions - will try tomorrow - anybody got a back-up plan for disks incase they aint there????
the problem with most online purchases is the postage costs but there's a BOGOF offer in Maplins at present..take a look at their website.
I always use ]ukdvdr.co.uk
[SIZE=2]Cheapest around and very reliable.[/SIZE]
I am in northern ireland - I keep getting caught in the shipping costs with these companies
checked tesco here - no disks - any body else any suggestions for blank CDs
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