CDWOW service has got shocking.

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Found 19th Jul 2007
Is anyone else having problems with Cdwow?

I recently tried to order a cd from them using my nectar points and eventually had to cancel the order after 30 days of my order saying "status pending". I thought I would give it another shot a few weeks later for a different cd and after 15 days it is still saying "status pending".

I notice now their phones lines have gone down which I find a bit sus.

They never used to take long to deliver stuff.:-(



I ordered two DVDs with my nectar points, one turned up the next day but the other took two weeks and arrived on Monday this week. I received an email yesterday saying my DVD was about to be despatched :?

yeah I'm still waiting for one from my nectar points, i recieved one and not the other :roll: good job i don't need them straight away

I didn't know they accepted Nectar points as payment but i've only ordered once a few months ago and the time before that was about 2 years ago because their service seems to be getting worse and worse.

I remember i ordered my little cousin a dvd that wasn't available anywhere else for his birthday but they had it instock but nearly 3 weeks later, they still hadn't even dispatched it.

I sent them a few emails and the first response i got was saying it's on the way, about a week later, i foundout that my order hadn't even come up on there system, so i had to send them proof of the confirmation from Worldpay.

Even after they found out the problems, it still took nearly 2 weeks to arrive and the dvd arrived damaged with the ring holder in pieces. :x

i have had problems, preordered pigeon detectives a week early, received it a month later, and they have delayed the enemy. will try bang cd or watever they are called next time.

The reason I used my Nectar points realfriendlyman was because it was part of the nectar points sale, I ordered the dvds off nectar site and they must get them off cdwow, if that makes any sense!!
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