CeBIT Hannover- Germany


    I'm flying to Germany to see my Mum and I'm going to visit CeBIT as well...
    I'm wondering if anyone have got some complimentary spare tickets?

    Many thanks in advance!


    I can't help you directly Chris, but my ex-empoyees had a stand at cebit a couple of years ago. Exhibitors get loads of spare tickets, so why not have a look for UK exhibitors on the cebit website, and add these company names to your post? People might be able to pull a few strings for you.
    [SIZE=2]BTW, tickets give you free travel on the regional trains and their 'metro' type local service.[/SIZE]

    Original Poster

    Thanks Mate!

    Rep added for help.

    The thing with tickets is that I'd like to save e30 if I can...
    I don't need free travel etc as I do have (quite expensive) car in Germany so I would park my car in proper carpark.

    I've been to Hannover maaany times so I know how and where to go
    many thanks anyway for your tips!

    Also, I've been to Hannover Expo 2000


    No problem, hope you're sucessful with your ticket search. I've only been once to Cebit, and really enjoyed myself. There's loads of gadgets to look at, loads of freebies to aquire, and loads of "easy-on-the-eye" PR types to admire!

    The mobile networks and handset manufacturers were good hunting grounds on the freebie stakes, IIRC.

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