CECT dual sim phones

    Anybody know much about these?

    I'm looking for one with bluetooth and MP3 playback that will allow me to receive calls from both lines simultaneously ...
    ie. use both sim cards simultaneously?

    Anybody know any phones that can do this?

    I think the CECT iPhone and N95 copies can, does anyone know if this is true?

    Many thanks!



    yeah they can...for about 2 days then they break. CECT phones usually look great on the website but dont work in real life. appaling build quality and the very cheapest of materials used. I've heard Meizu are better (another clone company). By the way, most standard handsets can be made dual sim- just go to your local mobile phone shop and ask them for the adaptor

    Original Poster

    Thanks Mascherano!

    Do the adaptors allow you to do both? Do they not hinder the battery when its placed back on the phone?


    sorry, what am i saying. you want to use them simultaneously dont you? with these adaptors you have to power on/off and can only be on one at a time

    Original Poster

    ah ok .. I really was looking for simultaneous use, I think I'll stick with two phones for now, until Samsung release the duos :-)

    thanks mate!
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