ceiling light

    just seen a light on ebay not sure with the voltage thing thats why ive had to post the question on here
    its a 10 way light syestem (10w and 12 v)
    will that be using alot of energy???



    Well Im guessing from what you said that there are 10 lights? Well if there are 10 lights using 10w then thats 100w and as 1kwh is around 19p per hour it will cost around 1.9p per hour to run. Well very slightly more as the transformer will use some that will be lost in heat. So say 2p per hour.

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    am lil confused to how you worked that out

    Is it these ones? NEW 10 x Satin silver surface mount 10w 12v lights?

    There are 10 lights on the string each with a 10w bulb. So 10 lights X 10 watts each = 100watts. So for every hour they are on they will use 1/10th of a kilowatt. Electricity is billed per kilowatt hour. Normally you will have 2 tarrifs, day and night with the night beeing cheaper as demand is less. Look on your statment for how much you pay. So if 1 KWH is charged at 19p 1/10th will be about 1.9p per hour used during the day. But as the transformer that changes your 240v AC to 12 DC uses a little when converting (lost as heat) it will be a little higher maybe 2p per hour.
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