Ceilng Fan

    I am looking to purchase a Ceiling Fan Light.
    Any ideas anyone



    They start cheap enough in Argos. £15 gets this:


    i got one from argos i think about £25 with 3 bulbs last year
    best thing since sliced bread this weather
    but dont forget to put a couple of extre noggins between joists to carry the weight
    as they are quite heavy

    Original Poster

    I am looking for one with a remote control
    Any ideas where to go to get one

    Why don't you get the one from Argos and buy a remote control light switch to go with it?

    [SIZE=2]Not sure what type of lighting your after but here is one with spotlights, no remote control but looks very nice.[/SIZE]

    These are not cheap but seem to specialise in this sort of thing, oh and plenty of remote controlled units too.



    Try a company called Fantasia - they make quality ceiling fans. I have them in my bedrooms around £200 each 42" blades plus light - 3 settings on fan whisper, medium and high is how I'd define it -plus reverse for pulling heat from CH around room in winter - don't laugh, it works. They are QUALITY - Had mine for several years. They will need fixing to joists or cross trimming - they are not flimsy tat but super duper fans 10/10 -worth every penny.

    £200 for a ceiling fan.

    [SIZE=2]Were you the person who won the lottery last time ? :-D [/SIZE]
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