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celcus sky tv remote code?

Posted 22nd Nov 2011
Hello everyone,

I purchased a cheap 32" celcus tv today from sainsburys for the bedroom to watch sky via magic eye from downstairs, does anyone know what the sky remote code is for these tvs?

Thanks for your help
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what sky remote do you have?
I'm using the sky hd remote upstairs
is it rev 8
or rev 9?

have a look where the batteries go
hello mate, just realised you were helping me before on here, just checked the remote at says rev 8r
Hi, did you manage to get a code for the tv? I have also just bought the Celcus 32" TV and would like to program my Sky remote control aswell.
I tried 9999 for the hell of it and it worked!

I tried 9999 for the hell of it and it worked!

I tried 9999 for my celcus 32 in LCD too and it worked !!!! Thanks so much
Spot on thank you!
hi, I've got a rev 9 and 9999 doesn't work, any ideas???
Wow just found this info after a google search and have to say a big thanks to all. I tapped in 999 on my rev9 and noticed the red light blink twice and it now controls all aspects of the celcus 32 inch we recently bought from Sainsburys.
thanks for the 9999 tip its works on the 40" as well
Thanks a lot for the code - just bought the 40" and the 9999 code worked for me too! Excellent tip!
Try 999 or 9999 for celcus tv's. Bought a celcus tv today and it worked for me!
Thank you just got 42in 3d 9999 works too x
celcus 19",using one4all tried 9999...done..the only thing I cant get is the info for the channels
Apart from that....thanks...its good to talk
9999 worked on 42" Rev 9 remote. Yessss!
Brilliant thanks guys 9999 worked for the 42" 3D model too
Does this work with a PVR too, or just sky? Many thanks.
thanks tried for ages for my 42" 3d model
Just tried my 42" Celcus 3D TV (My remotes are Sky+ Rev 8 and Sky+ Rev 8R) with 999. RESULT !!!!
This is what I did:-
On your Sky Remote:-
Press "TV".
Press & Hold "Select" and "Red Button" (Until the red LED on the Remote blinks TWICE)
Key in "9" "9" "9" (The LED on the Remote will then blink TWICE)
Press "TV" button again.
Now to test it:-
Press "On/Off" button on the Sky remote.
The TV should turn Off.
Wait a few seconds and press the "On/Off" button on the Sky remote again and it should come back on.
If this does not work you could just try again, it worked on both my remotes.

Many thanks to all previous posts.

hi, I've got a rev 9 and 9999 doesn't work, any ideas???

Just used the 9999 code and it worked.Thanks for the help.
This is from the Celcus website.
What are the Sky remote codes for your products?

There are a number of codes that can work for the Sky remote, please try the following; 065, 132, 133, 374, 245, 100, 544, 098, 115, 207
having just bought a Celcus 3D 32" t.v. I followed the instructions in the user manual for programming SKY remote This was useless but having read the blogs I programmed in 999 and eureka its working. Why can't they get it right in the manual!!!!

Thanks to all who suggested 999.
this code also worked for the bt vision remote on my celcus tv when the volume stopped working thanks
for PVR its 123
Bought the Celcus 40" LCD TV, in the manual it says use code 065 which did not work, but 999 with the Rev 8 handset did.
Many Thanks
hi thanks alfiboy and all the rest which recomended 9999 ITS WORKED thanks
lost the instruction book. how do you record a programme ?
It worked for my Celcus 42" tv also...Nice one people now I don't have to have both remotes to lose just the one lol!!!!!!!
Thank -you blackjacks007, my remote now works with my tv..!! :-)
Thanks, just googled it on the off chance and tried the comment above (BlackJacks007 1 year, 8 months ago) and it works perfectly,
thanks a lot. (For info this was with a Sky+HD remote.)
Thanks blackjacks007 .... Everywhere else wss telling me to use the code on the back of my sky remote! Thought I was going crazy, I have the 40" celcus and it worked 1st time with ur way! Was on the verge of. Throwing the remote at the tv! Lol (I've been trying for 3 hours couldnt sleep till I overcame it)lol
Yay thabks for the 9999 tip it also worked for me
Thanks. 999 worked with my new 40" celcus too. Through Televez linked to Sky downstairs.
For anyone googling try code 1584 that worked for me
I've tried all codes given the same for me the control will only turn over the tv stations it will not work sky at all. Any help plz
Just had SKY installed 18/12/15 & code 1584 works on the new handset, the older hand set is 9999
In the operating instructions book page 11 it gives the code as 0065 hope this helps
Thanks. 0065 worked for me
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