Celebrations Box -Going Downhill?

    Brought a box of celebrations the other day, first time I brought a box for myself in 7years! looking forward to eating my fav's like Galaxy Truffle and maltasers only to find:

    - No truffles
    - 10 malteasers

    What's going on?! I heard that the cost of coco is going up so companies are substituting coco for other stuff like biscuit and smarties chunks.

    Cadburys who have been taken over by american company craft have been doing this a lot with their new range of "cadbury marvelous creations"

    A marvellous way to screw us with less chocolate/coco and more sugary rubbish like jelly beans.

    Have you guys noticed that chocolate isn't quite chocolate anymore...?
    More importantly how can I get a hold of some Galaxy truffles!



    Reverse the the years and you have a perfect match to my waistline

    My celebration boxes go downhill ok .
    just make sure they are sidewards

    you know you're getting old when ...

    The truffles got taken out a year or so ago

    find somewhere who does Pick N Mix maybe you'll be lucky . I'm missing WOOLWORTH.

    Original Poster

    Woolworths was the best!

    Buy decent chocolate with a high cocoa content and you'll be fine. Cadburys etc. do not make high quality chocolate, it's targeted at the cheaper end of the mass market.


    the only chocolate box which contains more is quality streets, best offer was 2 for £7 at Morrison's
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