celebrities using drugs

    seen on the news celebrities like winehouse, moss an doherty get softer punishment than "non celebrity" ppl. An it got me thinkin why do these ppl get softer punishment, if anything they should get heavier punishment for wat they have done. and whats even worse kate moss has earned more AFTER her use of drugs and winehouse winning awards AFTER her use of drugs. Just wanted to see wot other ppl think out this.


    many people who take drugs often get sent to rehab, only seller go to jail.


    they can only do better from the likes of jo public

    you are not the only one who gets mad. i have twin daughters age 11 and everytime kate moss comes on t.v doing her ads i tell my daughters she is a drug addict and amy winehouse too, i get sick that the media thinks it is ok for our kids to look up to these druggies


    i get sick that the media thinks it is ok for our kids to look up to … i get sick that the media thinks it is ok for our kids to look up to these druggies

    I think it's crazy that the media thinks we should look up to the majority of so called celebrities, druggies or not.

    As fskinner pointed out these 'people' are role models to many children. I rarely watch TV or listen to pop music, but everytime I do I can almost guarentee there will be something that disgusts me.

    you`re right, just another way to "control the masses"

    i've always considered celebrity to be a derrogitary (sp?) term. to me it refers to a person who became famous not through talent or importance, but through clever manipulation of the media and its ability to hype anything it chooses out of proportion, thrusting said celebrity into the spotlight. now they have influence, an influence i believe is helping to keep the national iq average down...

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    my view sum many disgree but plz dont hate me for it. celebrities who use drugs earn millions a yr yet they wish to splash it on drugs. ok its up to them if they want to use drugs but the fact kids look up to these druggies this isnt good in my view an maybe the majority of ppls view. i think Mr Brown should start givin fixed penalties (large sum of money which would hurt their bank account) an that money should be put into clinic's to help others who are willin to give up their nasty habit

    you are right gav989, our national iq is terrible, i was browsing through my daughter`s english homework and was horrified to find that txt talk as i call it is now allowed as standard

    i think if the whole civilised world got together with their armies and equipment, the whole lot of cocaine, heroin, cannabis crops could be destroyed in a matter of days, so in my opinion, said governments obviosly don`t want that to happen

    Punishments should be the same,whether you are famous or not.Like any prosecution,the facts of the case and any mitigating circumstances are taken into account before sentence is it should be,to try and maintain a fair justice system.

    Maybe the message that needs to be told to children,and I'll use Kate Moss as an does not matter whether you are beautiful,successful and have a load of money,it doesn't buy happiness,as you can still feel the need to enter oblivion or an artificial state of euphoria.

    Beauty,money and celebrity are but material and transient things.........there are many things more important to worry about.

    fskinner - do you really tell your 11 year old daughters that they are drug addicts?

    Is it just me or are they a bit young to be privvy to that information?

    text talk as standard in english homework?! ouch...

    as for the fine, it would have to apply to everyone which wouldn't be fair, e.g. £10,000 to a celebrity is worth less than £10,000 is to the average person. a fairer way would be to fine them a fixed percentage of what they own, e.g. 10% will affect everyone equally

    I think Amy Winehouse is doing a fine job on why we should not use drugs.

    Her life is a mess and no one in there right mind would look up to her and want a lifestyle like that.
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