CELLO lcd tvs.

    anyone know much about them/

    are they any good?



    used to have them in the sainsbury's i worked in, we used to get them sent back to us every day; not great but not terrible. If it was me, i'd plump for a more well-known brand.

    cheap but not brilliant-we get em in asda from time to time-I reckon about 30 percent of them get returned as faulty-of course supermarkets will exchange or refund anytime within 12 months so you have that protection -if its just a small one for a kids room maybe ok but not a brand I would buy for reliability.

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    its a 19"

    for a 19'' screen it should be ok, but just expect it to be more 'funtional' than outstanding.

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    hmm , it was in the JL clearance , dad mentioned it to me. as i have have recently got a 360 ( xmas) and want a monitor for my pc and xbox. but haven't got alot of money, and ideally want freeview and hd

    can't you test it out, before you keep it?
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