Center Parc Help Required

    Going to center parc soon and was just wondering whether there are any restrictions in place concerning people leaving and re-entering the park when they feel like?

    Also for those who have been before, how is it?
    Thanks in advance


    ive been to sherwood centre parcs ,we could go in and out no probs,absolutly loved centre parcs my kids really loved it too even tho you where knackerd bike riding everywhere,especially after a few drinkys at night lol

    i was just there last week the penrith one, i was joinin a group of people 2 days into a 4 day stay, i wasnt on the booking just freeloading my way in , my mate came out and picked me up, when we got back the security guard stopped us and just looked at the sticker on the windscreen that you get when you first book in and waved us thru :thumbsup:

    if anyone was there last week and seen a loon out jogging in the rain late at night, it was only me. :-D

    awesome place u can leave and its quite easy to 'smuggle' sumone in, just hide them under a towel or sumthin! wudnt wana leave tho got everything u cud wnt especially if u love sports! enjoy it mate

    Went with 5 friends on the 5th of January. Paid extra for the Woodland Lodge accomodation and would definitely recommend upgrading to this for the sake of a few pounds, decor is really nice and we had a lovely lake view.
    Of course, if you want to spend a lot more then the Exclusive cabins can't be bad with the hot tub
    Would recommend going, even though it was freezing when we went, but probably book another holiday somewhere sunny.

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    yeah, might be freezing when i go aswell, middle of february, aint the best time to book a lill getway
    so i take it, it is very easy to smuggle someone in, might give a go :P


    yeah, might be freezing when i go aswell, middle of february, aint the … yeah, might be freezing when i go aswell, middle of february, aint the best time to book a lill getwayso i take it, it is very easy to smuggle someone in, might give a go :P

    Lol, they checked each of our names off as we arrived but we didn't leave at all so maybe that's how you get away with it!

    We regularly go to Elvedon Forest because we are local, I work part time and go in and out of the barriers freely to go to work in the afternoon, no questions asked, a colour coded car sticker is provided when you first go through the barrier check in and they just look for it when you drive back in. I've never been stopped and no one has ever peered into my car to see if I have passengers or not. We also go when it's miserable and cold and the place is fab, wrap up warm for walks, boating etc., and no queues in the pools for lockers or flumes, great. It's really nice being outside in the salt water pool in the dark iwith steam coming off the top and laying back to look at the stars, brill. Go enjoy!

    I went this time last year. We were in and out of the place all the time. I went to work on 2 of the days. Seems so long as you have a sticker they don't care. It was £200 for 5 of us so that's only £10 pppd. Just have a play in the pool then in the evening just break out the consoles for a bit of competition then have a few beers and play cards. Cheap getaway for the lads. Going again on 23 Feb for 4 days.

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    thanks all
    appreciate your answers

    We havent had a problem leaving sherwood or oasis whinfell - but we usually go to the local places on the last day, because everyone goes to the pool then (since you have to leave the villa) so it can get a bit crowded. Sometimes only some of us go out and the rest go to the pool - never had a problem getting back in to pick the other people up (Even though its after we should have all left the park!)
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