Center Parcs, are inflatables allowed in the pools?

Found 17th Apr 2009
Hi all, just a quick Q.
I am off to CP soon, the last time I went 7 months back we were all too ill to go swimming :(.
Having a 1 year old I am thinking a inflatable baby seat would be best rather than a floaties vest.
Does anyone know if CP allow these in the pool.
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Yes, we take a big rubber ring and a beach ball with us, and have seen loads of people using those inflatable baby seats

That is at both whinfell and sherwood

If you have a home bargains near by, they have inflatables and stuff cheap (we got beach ball for 29p!) so much better than buying when you get there. They do the baby seats as well but not sure how much
they were when we went a couple of years ago, they even sold the swim seats there. we used one with our lo and used it to float round the rapids. have a lovely time
Which one are you going to?


your pushing into my neck of the woods :-D

a good day out is the safari park around the corner ...... drive around and see all the animals

cant remember prices to get in tho:oops:
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