Center Parcs hols

    Just come bk from a wk a cp at longleat i booked it last yr and paid 636 for a wks stay i see now they r charging over a £1000 for the same wk next yr, im gutted at the price i know its a long shot but does anybody know of any codes to use or anything to fetch the price down,im pretty sure they dont use codes any more but i thought its worth a try


    Centre parcs are brill, but outpricing themselves. Just got back from week all inc Majorca for £650 for two people 4* accommodation.
    When will they realise that they need to get real with their pricing. Still they are always fullly boooked though, so they do manage to get away with it. They don't do codes anymore do they !!
    Maybe we should all boycot them, we always went twice a year..Not no more they are too expensive....

    Not seen a code for ages. Just keep on top with their emails as thats where the offers are.

    Just don't pay it. The sooner they learn that there prices are too high the sooner they will drop. We have one in the lakes and the spa is great but for a price of 4 days you could rent a really nice cottage in Keswick for a week.
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