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    Has anybbody ever stopped in the comfort plus acc at center parcs and if so what is it like-longleat


    no, sorry

    We've stayed at Longleat a couple of times, but not in Comfort Plus. To be honest, the difference between the types is not that great. The furniture might be a nicer colour, the posher ones have better bathrooms, but that's about it. The big thing to worry about is where the villa actually is, in relation to the plaza (swimming pool & shops). The lake is in a valley, with the plaza on a hill on one side, so if you've young kids you really want to try & get a villa on the same side as the plaza (it makes it much easier walking/cycling to & from the swimming pool).

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    Just out of interest which villas did u stay in

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    Sorry to keep asking,but were the old style exec the double story ones that are on your left as you are walking down the main road to get to the likes of grand cafe {think if remember u had to walk down some steps to get to them} i stopped in the new style woodland lodge last time but the exec works out a little cheaper

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    sorry just read your thread again,just wondering where thecabin type ones are i will try and work it out from the map


    Just out of interest which villas did u stay in

    We stayed in one of the old style executive villas, both times that we went. To be honest, though, any of the villas will do - it all depends on how much luxury you want/need (e.g. a bigger bath, better looking decor).

    Looking at their map of the site (, the pink area is best - the left hand side of the pink area (going past the swimming pool) roughly marks the edge of the hill.

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    yes i see now,thanks eva so much 4 your help,just out of interest what month and how much did u pay for your villa if u dont mind me asking,dont worryy dont feel obliged to tell me,i just cant believe how much the prices of shot up,the accomadation i want is 1008 for end of june eeekk just dunno if i can justify it but i just love it there so much,so wot option do u have if u want to go


    The old style exec multi story ones are there yeah.

    Erm the accommodation let me think, about 350 for 4 days in May and about 390 for 4 days in October, tends to be the times we go, prices seem to have risen a lot towards next year.....

    The accommodation is the cheap part for us we usually take about 700 spends eek!

    It's always been expensive, but as there were 4 of us when we went it made the cost more bearable.
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