Center Parcs Longleat advice/recommendations?

    Hi guys.

    My friend has book a trip for about 8 of us and I've done a bit of reading at…236 but just wanted to know what activites have you done and think are 'worth' it?

    I think we're all pretty much 'up' for most activities but the acitivities can add up so I just want to get an idea. I.e We'll play mini-golf etc but we don't wanna be paying ££ for all of us only to get 30-45mins enjoyment out of it!

    Realistically myself, i was looking at Target Archery, Climbing skills and Cycling. The rest of the time will be spent chilling and probably the indoor activities.

    Anyways, any advice appreciated!


    if you have your own racquets etc - take what you can of your own so you dont have to pay for theirs

    Do they have field Archery at Longleat ? The target archery is pants, field is great though

    TBH, by the time we'd finished swimming, cycling & walking we were happy enough to do the mini golf & nothing else.

    Kayaking is a good group activity and I don't think it was too pricey. Also the swimming costs no extra and is awesome. Apart from that just walk and cycle to save the pennies. Plenty to do on a budget.

    Original Poster

    Doh, bringing your own rackets is something I probably would have forgot! Great reminder.

    Re: the archery, here are the options,…jsp

    so it looks like no field, what's the difference? Never fired a proper bow before but thinking about it now (since you've planted the seed of doubt in my head!) I imagine it could get quite lame (?!)

    How did you guys find the mini golf and kayaking, cis_groupie and gbspurs?

    How about the restaurants? Any recommendations? Eat our or cook at home (where the pots and pans, in good condition etc?)
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