Posted 23rd Nov 2011
hey guys

just looking for some advice before I call out the plumber.

my boiler seems to be working fine in terms of hot water but the central heating wont turn on. we have a danfoss RX1 system where the infra red receiver is connected to the boiler and the 'remote' which controls the temp/programming is in another room.

what normally happens is that when the desired temp has been slected on the remote, the reciever makes a click noise and the boiler kicks into action turning on the central heating.

as of yesterday, the receiver does not seem to pick up the message from the remote which does show on the screen ive switched it on for the c/h to kick in.

i took off the receiver thinking the fuse might have gone but it does not seem to have a fuse,not a conventional one anyway. its just a circuit board inside which is conected to some wiring attached to the wall.

link in the next post on the system im talking about. again, the hot water is working meaning the boiler seems to be working fine but im hoping i just need to get a new reciever.
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