Central locking stops working after fitting car stereo!?

Found 19th Oct 2008
My car stereo has been playing up and refusing to turn on lately so I removed it using the release keys and unplugged the wires so that I was able to remove it completely and then reconnected them and reseated the player.

Before, it was displaying the common red flashing security light but after reseating there appears to be no life in the unit at all. The central locking has also randomly ceased to function however the electric windows still work and I can still start up the car and the lights work.

What do you think could be causing this?

Do the central locking and stereo tend to generally be on a seperate "non-essential" circuit? Could I have blown a fuse? Is there sometimes a wire under the dashboard/round the back of the radio that I could have knocked that would have stopped the central locking working?

Also, where would be the best place to go to get this checked out if it is something that requires that? I'm in Wolverhampton area.

Just in case you need to know my car is a Daihatsu Move, the stereo wiring loom is standard ISO and the stereo is the Goodmans GCE7207i.

Thanks a lot for any input
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Probably blown a fuse. Don't they supply a fuse diagram in the owner's manual?

Mind you as it's a Goodmans' stereo, it could be anything. They are not very good. :roll:
Probably a fuse gone, If so theirs usually a compartment either drivers or passenger side, Check for blown fuses and replace.
To add to my earlier post, I have a Goodmans GCE7207i (gathering dust somewhere). It was just too unreliable to keep using. And Goodmans CS is fairly useless.

However, I recall that, in order to fit it in my Citroen (and I think this applies to some other cars as well) I had to change the red and orange wires over. This can be done fairly easily at the back of the unit. From memory, odd things didn't work on the car if you didn't change them.

It would probably be worth searching Google for Daihatsu Owners sites to check whether this needs doing.
I'll check the manual for fuse diagrams and have a look for some Daihatsu owner sites, then I'll get back to you Thanks
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