Centre Parcs

    Am going to centre parcs this wknd in cumbria...any-one have any good girls are 6&4 am not bothering with the extra activities unless there are any recommended ones


    you should visit lol i live just down the road x

    We were there a few weeks ago. I would definitely recommend the panting pottery. That was something we really enjoyed, and you get something to bring home with you. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it too. Dont do it on the last day though, because you need to pick it up the following day (if you do it on the last day they post it to you and it costs you the postage)

    also the horse drawn carriage ride was good, could see them really enjoying that.

    There should be an activities booklet you get when you arrive (not the one they send you beforehand) which details all the different events you can book. Do this straight away otherwise the activities you want to go to may be fully booked...

    Remember you can turn up early - park your car and go for a wander/play before checkin - they have a good adventure playground which is great (if its dry). Probably obvious but bikes/roller skates/scooters etc are good to take along as the paths are quiet once the cars have been banned to the car parks.

    Avoid trying to off-load your belongings from the car as soon as the gate opens - there is usually a big line of cars wanting to do the same.

    Found the staff to be really friendly - heating/hot water in the chalets can be a bit iffy, so make sure its working when you arrive....

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    thanks for all your advice really like the idea of pottery and carriage ride...
    think i will just take bag of essentials until the car delay's a sorted though...some good advice now i just need some-one to have a word with 'im upstairs about keeping the weather nice for the weekend!!!!
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