Centre Parcs

    Hope I've posted this in the right place! I am hoping to take kids to centre parcs next week, does anyone have any hints/tips or know of any discounts available. Many thanks in advance


    No discounts anymore I'm afraid.

    Which one are you going to ? Have you been before - they are all ace

    In future, booking in advance normally gets you a good discount (booked my Nov trip in Jan & got a new style 4 bed VIP for 6 people for £320)

    Have fun

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    whinfell in the lake district. id promised kids id take them abroad but with recent volcanic ash situatoion have suggested centre parcs. never been before:-)

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    just a quickie, am just booking now. do you bother with the insurance? i don't usually if in uk but have never been centre parcs, thanks

    The CP insurance is if you cancel it within x amount of days, you get your cash back.

    I never bother to be honest.

    ps - make sure you get a "new style" cabin (not sure if there are old & new in Whinfel, or if they have all been updated now).
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