Cereals are so Expensive!

Posted 6th Dec 2020
I was just wondering if anybody has any good tips for regular purchasing of cereals? (or sort of bulk buying cereals if that's a thing!)

I find them always being really rather expensive so when staring down the aisle I only grab the ones on offer or buying porridge rather than what I want haha. Not that I don't like variety though.

My usual sort of preferred bite point is when the label says <30p/100g for standard cereals like Crunchy Nut or Coco Pops for example. Anybody use another cut off? (obviously porridge is cheaper than that and the fancier cereals will never drop to that lol)

I don't mind supermarket own brand half of the time but I've not found anything that will match Kelloggs own Crunchy Nut! (there's a reason I've said that twice... my favourite :D)

I keep an eye out on here but it might not be something that people think to post when something is just a standard price to them if they're used to it or whatever.

Is there any particularly good shopping apps that I'm not utilising well?
Store discount/loyalty cards like Morrsions or LIDL etc that I should be paying more attention to? (I scan em and get my points but not always getting the deals)

Thanks for any advice

I wouldn't mind if people used this thread to post vouchers and coupons and whatever money saving tips! Haha
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