Certificate of Conformity for Ford Fiesta

    I'm bringing a used fiesta over from southern Ireland and need a certificate of conformity to get it registered in the UK, I've tried googling it but can't seem to track down how to get one, any ideas or suggestions appreciated!


    Have you tried the post office?

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    Yes thank you but neither could help.

    As per this info…583

    The certificate of conformity is either issued by the supplier or manufacuturer. In your case I would guess that if the dealer doesnt have this then you will have to approach Ford direct.

    Try here first. You will need the vehicle registration number and probably the VIN as well.

    Customer Relationship Centre
    For any customer assistance on your existing product or service provided by Ford Motor Company, please contact the Customer Relationship Centre on 0845 841 1111

    Or by post at:
    Ford Customer Relationship Centre
    PO Box 4430
    CV3 9BH

    Edit - Just realised your vehicle is used so may need an SVA as well as or instead of the Certificate of Conformity. Further details here…105

    If you can't get the cert I thnk you can book for a vic/sva test, then they will be able to get it regsitered at your local licencing centre with uk plates.

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    Thanks everyone :thumbsup:
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