Just having a moan, cant believe that CEX have put the price of the Nintendo Wii up to £200 not including Wii sports that would be an extra £20. (Last week it was £189) I have vouchers for the site hoping to get the Wii cheaper (via trade in) wish I hadnt bothered now. :x


    what thats stupid! £200 fair enough if you couldnt get them anywhere but you can

    At the moment familyguy9, you cant they're scarce again.

    And the 2nd xmas rush begins

    Basic package seems to be selling for around £250 on ebay atm

    Yeah, I noticed that, the price changed on friday or saturday.

    It was £168 (not £189), and shot up to £200.

    I was actually going to pick one up this week, but then the sudden price hike.

    I also noticed that for a long time they had 20+ in stock but now it is about 1-3.
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