CEX and electronics?

    Just been looking on their website, and seen a iPod dock which is quite cheap..
    Now normally this item comes with a 2 year warranty..
    CEX obviously only offer a 12 month warranty..
    Has anybody bought electronics from CEX before?


    ive had controllers, ps3 remote and a gamecube from cex. no complaints from me. delivery isnt the quickest, but other than that id use them again


    I have. Like anything second hand, it can be hit and miss. The good thing with CEX is they are usually excellent when it comes to their warranty.

    Bought a XBox 360 HD-DVD ROM from them, didn't come with the PSU, contacted them 3 times, didn't get a reply. My first use with CEX and also my last. I have a heavy HD-DVD brick sitting next to me doing nothing now!!

    I've had no issues with cex for any electronics. Even gave me a refund on a digital camera after 11 months of solid use with added wear and tear for the original price I paid which ended up buying me a better camera and having exchange voucher left. Couldn't fault the service instore. Plenty of iffy feedback online regarding there web orders though. Hope this helps

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    Hmm I'm tempted by these speakers! Normally £100 more brand nee although obviously they ar brand new and come with a 2 year warranty! So I'm not sure

    Is it instore or online?

    guessing it is something like the Bose?

    If it is online, then order it and if it is not in the condition you would like it to be then return it under DSR.

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    Yep Bose sounddock for £95!

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    any other opinions?

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