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Found 18th Nov 2009
Ok I am going to see a friend on Saturday and a bit skint at the moment, I have a bunch of games and dvds that according to the CEX website would get about £42 for.

I heard that Gamestation price match CEX and give a quid extra, is this for every item i.e say I have 10 dvds and 15 games would I get £25 more?

Also how hard is it to get?
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only games, you have to print out the prices so add all the items to SELL to cex oh the webby, then print off

take a bank statement and Driving license then get £1 extra
Do Gamestation take dvds any more whilst I am asking.

And will they only take things if I am local?
doesnt matter if your from the moon, theyd still buy off you aslong as you have proof of who you are.

not tried DVD's but i certainly never seen any in a GS
They def used to take dvds but would not price match CEX and offer stupid prices i.e 20p

This was about a year ago, doubt they accept dvds now.

Bear in mind that the CEX has to be local to the gamestation i believe
Thanks the CEX is only 2 or 3 minutes walk away and both are in the same shopping centre.
jsut get them all in the basket online and then take a photo on your phone and take it in, or print it out. cex.co.uk/bas…ell
What are the games and DVDs you selling? Why don't you try your luck on here?
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