Cex Apple iPhone 5S leather case - good price, but is it a fake?

Found 11th Dec 2013
I received my brown leather 5S case from Cex today. It arrived sealed, which aroused my suspicion; but more than that it not only doesn't smell like leather but also doesn't entirely sit flush at the edges. On the face of it this looks entirely legit though. I've also dampened it as I think soft leather should darken when wet but this case just pools water and stays the same. Does anyone have a genuine leather 5S case, and does it have the same properties as mine? Or has anyone else received one of these cases from Cex?

Don't think Apple would be too happy if it turned out that Cex were handing out hundreds of knock-offs so it would be nice if it were possible to check for sure. I'll take it to Apple next week and see what they say.
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A lot of people received sealed cases from cex, from what I can see your case shares the same properties as a genuine case. But I'd like a definitive answer to this question as I'll be getting one from cex shortly...
Does it have a label?
If it does if it says man made materials it maybe fake unless it states 'real leather' on it aswell

Examine the Pores
When making a leather purchase, closely examine the pores of the fabric. Faux leather will have pores that are in a consistent pattern, while real leather will have inconsistently placed pores.
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