CeX are buying Grid for £10 PS3/ £9 XBOX360 Cash

    CeX will buy Grid (even platinum version) for £10 PS3 or £9 XBOX360 Cash. They give more for exchange but a great way to get rid of it if you bought it for 9.99. You can even post it to them and they will send the money to your bank account.…php?sku=5024866336221&name=Race%20Driver:%20Grid&mode=buy



    What have I missed? How is this a deal? Cex offer you less then you would buy it for?

    Original Poster

    Yea, but a little while back tonnes of people bought this game from….uk etc. Figured a few of them might benefit from this.

    i got this on the play deal grate game and good for peps that missed it nice one Messiah h&r

    i agree, this is not a deal.

    cold from me

    Why would you want to sell GRID, its great game..!


    Unspammed & removed to the correct forum, thanks for the information :thumbsup:
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