CEX are ripoffs

Found 2nd May 2008
I bought an item online at cex because i couldnt find one in the shop, only to be sent the wrong item, i called up and told em i got the wrong item, guyi spoke with said, send it back and we ll send a replacement and I asked about the cost of sending back and he said, enclose the receipt for the postage and it will be refunded.
the item i ordered is no longer in stock so i got refunded back my momey but not the postage, called up again minutes ago to query this, guy said point blank, i cannot get my money back, I asked him am I gonna be out of pocket for 4 quid for your mistake , he said he's not saying that but I STILL CANNOT GET MY MONEY BACK.
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I think you might need to change the title to something a bit less inflammatory (admin might be worried in case he gets sued!). Maybe something like "poor customer service from CEX"
Next time get any promise in writing.
better now?

better now?

I think so.......
That's not on ! how about trading standards, Watchdog ?
Four quids not a great loss but I think the principle really does matter here.
keep calling thats what i do till i get my way works every time!
DSR state you must get your money back, they are bound by the DSR when you buy from their site, ask to speak to a manager and quote this
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