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Posted 7th Nov 2022 (Posted 6 h, 5 m ago)
Hi all

I have googled this q. And on Reddit it says that click & collect is buying online so 14 day return policy applies.

I purchased a tv online for collection from store, got the tv home and only has pre installed apps without the option to install more so looked online and it says they offer a 14 day return policy for online orders, went to my local store and was told because I collected the tv in person I only had 48hrs to return as I had the option to refuse to buy it there and then (even though I wouldn’t have known there and then I didn’t want it)

Contacted support via email and they initially said as it was an online order I have 14 days to return, I mentioned the store worker refusing to take it back saying I only have 48hrs as I collected in person, support have sent me an email that they are asking the store for the returns procedure and they will get back to me with the info from store

Has anyone been in a similar situation and know the returns procedure as I was under the impression as I purchased online then online rules apply?

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    You have 14 days returns for any reason, if you paid and ordered on the Cex website and it was processed as a click and collect order.
    Their FAQs for online/C&C returns are one and the same so the store is wrong.
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    The critical element is typically when the contract is formed (or similar phrase), which is generally when payment was made/taken. Interpretations may be:
    c&c where payment is made off-premises provides off premises statutory cancellation options (14 days from pickup to notify trader of purchase cancellation)
    c&c where payment is made on premises may be interpreted as a "reservation" so effectively a standard store purchase with no statutory cancellation options, although the trader may have a voluntary return process.
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    This is going to be different to your question, but going by what you have said makes me assume the TV is likely fairly old. If this is the case the apps would likely be outdated with limited updates anyway, could you not get a Firestick or something similar for the smart features you are looking for?
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    Thanks Dezzanator this is exactly what I thought
    Personally I'd email support and link to their own FAQ stating there is a 14 day returns for click and collect (online) orders, and to give the store a heads up to say you'll be bringing it back - they shouldn't have to 'ask for' the store's own policy as they all have the same one.
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    Print out the FAQ page in case they pull a fast one
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    It’s not old it’s a 2020 model

    The fire stick might be an option
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    Thanks for the suggestions I think I will email support the link now and print out and take to store

    Was just about to email them and at the same time they have replied saying I can return to the store I purchased from for a refund

    Thanks for all the replies (edited)