Cex computer and games exchange

    I recently went to cex in bath and was flat out lied to by the staff in there.

    I went in to get a dj mixer replaced as it was faulty.

    Their policy is replace or refund if no acceptable replacement exsists.

    However what the staff decided to do was to lie to me and tell me that they had found a replacement.

    I accepted this and left the shop.

    Upon returning home I decided to look at cex website to discover that instead of a replacement a grade product they had decided to give me a b grade product and some voucher, but the staff had told me that the item had just got cheaper not that it was b grade.

    Further lies from the store include them telling me they would call me to confirm delivery as I needed it for work(also told them this before they decided to lie about the quality) knowing they would not be in to make to, they have also told me that Royal Mail is having a problem ,but it turns out they didn't bother to send it at all.

    I have spent hours trying to get my money back they refuse to give me it and keep trying to palm me off with vouchers, I didn't pay with vouchers.

    If they have lied to me to get me to accept something is that a missold product and if so surely that means I am entitled to a full refund regardless of shops policy


    Hang on. So, you purchased (with money) a DJ Mixer which is now faulty. Went into the store you purchased it from to get a replacement. They say they have found one but it's being sent to you directly? What makes you believe the one being sent is graded? Just because you've seen on their website that only graded are available? That might not be the one you're getting. They may have further stock that's not on the general website.

    Why not ask directly as to whether the product you will receive is a graded unit? You say you are getting some vouchers too? Sounds like a win-win to me if the replacement unit works perfectly. Why not see what you get and if still not happy, your statuatory rights are not affected. Complain then...

    Faceless organisation - No phone numbers - only email that takes a week to reply with a load of old toffee excuse.
    Use with care!

    I traded in 4 phones 3 weeks ago, they were mint condition unlocked a grade Nokia bought from Game the day before.

    They emailed me claiming they were B grade and locked to Vodafone, so would receive £8 instead of £15 per phone.....I emailed back asking them to look again as all unlocked, and less than 10 minutes later I received an apology email saying that they had been 'retested' and we're unlocked after all.

    Looks like they like to try it on, so be careful!

    Use a second hand shop expect a second hand service

    I have bought plenty of B grade stuff and its usually just as good as new just missing the box and some of the paper work so nothing to worry about I'm sure the B grade mixer will be as good as the boxed one and tbh who needs the box

    I ordered a pink ps2 boxed condition last month for my young daughter to get her into playing games I received a very scratched ps2 unboxed in a red carry bag with the description stickers all over it saying unboxed ps2. I emailed them and used social media to ask them why I received bad condition ps2 unboxed when I payed more for the boxed version they said take it back to nearest store. so I did they refused to source me what I was asking for from another store and offered me voucher replacement only.
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