Posted 24 July 2022

CEX CUSTOM PC - 12100 / 16gb ram / 1tb ssd / 3060ti - £660 delivered @ CEX

This obviously has its risks as there are some unknowns, but for the spec of the main components it's a really good deal, especially if you buy vouchers off forums for around 80-85%, making this pc around £560.

You don't know the motherboard
You don't know the PSU
You don't know the case
Spec/model of gpu.

But alder lake pc (these 4 cores are brilliant) with a 3060ti for just over £600 is good!…1-b
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Intel i3-12100. 4 cores/8 Threads. Max Turbo 4.30 GHz.
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    Unless you are local and can see it, I would run a mile from a ‘custom’ lucky dip gaming PC.
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    Yes, but it’s hard enough to ship big, heavy, fragile items. I can imagine any damage in return will be blamed on you (CEX very good at that), in fact any damage on the way to you is hard enough to argue as I found out in the past - they literally assume you are too stupid to open a box or pick up a component without dropping it…
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    nice! would consider it if hadn't just agreed to buy a gumtree special!
    re: ugh i3... that is just bad marketing from intel... this is a sweet processor (edited)
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    it beats a 10700k in a lot of games mate, single core on these are unreal.

    10700k would beat it in something like Cyberpunk though. But still keeps up with the likes of the 3600.
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    So after posting this to say it's a good deal I've ordered it myself
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    Report back when it arrives!
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    It's a sf750 platinum, nice
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    Ok now that is a good deal. If you are planning on buying a gpu anyway then this is a nice offer, a decent PSU in a bundle is a rare thing!
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    You'd have to go used on at least a few other components. Using PCPP to spec out something like for like (12100, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD), choosing from the cheapest component choices for motherboard, RAM, SSD and case, (pretty much all the essentials besides the PSU, I settled for the cheapest 450W+ PSU with 80+ certification from a mainstream brand), It's coming to £332 (and that's before adding a network card or additional fans beyond the one included with the cheapo case). Looking back at sold listings for the 3060ti on eBay over the last seven days, the cheapest I can find sold is £310 and that's an outlier by about £30 or £40, you're looking at closer to £350 ordinarily. Assuming you can harvest an Windows license from an old computer or simply run sans-license, unless you get lucky with a low offer you're still likely to exceed the price of this CEX computer by a not-insignificant margin once you've added those few extras in.

    Don't get me wrong, I am a strong advocate for self building in the majority of scenarios now that GPU pricing has returned to sanity, but this deal does represent comparable value in terms of components for people reluctant to dive into building, or who still want their used components backed up by a returns window and warranty (not an unreasonable idea with the number of GPUs being pulled from the mining benches they've been cooking away on for a year or two). (edited)
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    This looks great If you're local I'd jump on it if that was a bit closer to me . A bit of a gamble with shipping although I watch RandomGamingHD on YouTube and he often buys complete systems from CeX packaged OK and shipped with no issues.
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    ugh, i3
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    Not really, keeps up with a 5600x in gaming, 9900k etc...
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    That’s the integrated graphics performance which I wasn’t really thinking of considering the fancy gpu this system has
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    Oh fair, in that game AMD are the winner by far with their APU processors (edited)
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