CEX customer service ever respond?

    i have a couple of issues relating to an order of mine which i made via CEX ( the website ) , emailed customer services but never recieved a response.... it now going on a week.

    any advice ? phone number ?


    My local cex is closed due to flooding instore..I know it has nothing to do with your question but thought I'ld share this with you lol

    They do but it takes forever, Think they have to learn to read first. lol

    Cex online are just awful

    was waiting for a reply for a week i sent another email mention trading standards you get a reply

    I had to query some items i sent in, a guy came back after a few days to try and answer my question. Are you selling or buying?
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    i got the wrong item sent to me (psp with cracked screen and not in great condition) - it was worth a bit more than a game that i had paid for, but i did contact them as i knew that someone else would be loosing out. They never did get back to me after two emails and then on the third i complained about not getting what i had initially ordered and said if they did not respond about what to dod with the psp after a set amount of time i would get rid of it (sell) myself. They replied saying that they would refund me for the item i bought, but again said nothing about the other item so i just sold it on ebay

    they are complete morons
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