Cex Despatch Time?

Found 19th Jan 2010
I ordered on Sunday morning a blu ray from CeX (I've since been charged) but it's 72hrs since I placed my order and the order status is still stuck at stock picking (not even despatched or anything). When I made the order I recieved an email confirming my order had been made.

Just wondering if I should be worried? Anyone else had similar experiences with slow despatch?
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Can admin move this to misc? I thought feedback meant deal/retailer feedback not actual site feedback!
It's nothing, ordered summit from them on sat and it was just dispatched today.
Normally quick delivery in my view.
so in that case it may be despatched tomorrow (: I hope!

want good turn around? I ordered an optical cable about 7pm and by 8pm it had despatched (from Amazon)
Have emailed CeX but still waiting on a response and any order progress! LOL
LOL it has moved to 2 out of 7 stock picked today, finally getting somewhere?
You do realise that no one is interested in this thread anymore right?

Yet you are having a full blown conversation with yourself
i found them slow it took around 3 weeks to get what i ordered from them. I'd still use them aslong as i wasnt it a rush for the item

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