Posted 24 September 2021

CEX - Drop and Go service

Afternoon all

was wondering if anyone has used the drop and go service with next day payment at CEX

I haven’t sold to them for many years but I’m struggling to get any bites on my Xbox Series X at £500 with 3 games and charging dock

CEX are offering £480 cash for the console alone. It’s sat under the tv for 6 months gathering dust

would you recommend the drop and go with Payment
or should I wait patiently for face to face?

any advice is great
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  1. Turret-Buddy's avatar
    I've used it twice.

    Once for my ps5 and the second time for the controller. No issues at all. Very straight forward. Money quoted is what you get. Believe its valid for 3 days? But I was paid the next day.
  2. PonJaul76's avatar
    Go with CEX drop. No issues
  3. jjmmww1's avatar
    Used it many times just be aware bank transfer seems to be between next day and 4 days different everytime for some reason and no confirmation by email until you have been paid
  4. sohailh1984's avatar
    Drop it off - just prebook online and give them your code, I’ve sold a PS5 to them without issue
  5. deleted1922722's avatar
    If the store is busy and can’t check there and then they have given myself a ticket and phoned when it was checked and tell you if they can pay the price what was offered. Then I just went back for the money.

    I wish I’d known about drop and go, save going back
  6. mutley1's avatar
    i have done it a couple of times during the lockdown. unless you are lucky, they won't pay the next day. it normally take a few days as they have to check it, then they have to send the payment request to their payment team and they only do one payment a day so if they miss the morning cut off, you have to wait for the next day.
  7. kx12's avatar
    Thanks all. Good feedback and I’ll sort it out with them
    much app (edited)
  8. Quartz_Jenkins's avatar
    Drop and go. Don’t sell it privately under any circumstances. Amateurs sell private, pros simply wack everything in to CEX or Music Magpie whoever pays more.
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