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    Hey, I know this may sound like a very stupid question but I'm confused as to the meaning of the 'Give exchange' price on games at CeX

    For example, I'm looking to buy CoD:WaW which CeX is selling for £35.

    I would be interested in trading in some of my games to get money off this. One such game would be Oblivion. Now, this has a 'We buy for' value of £6 but the 'Give exchange' value is £10.

    Does this mean that if I were to not sell Oblivion to CeX and collect the money (£6) but instead sell it to them and collect what I imagine to be sort of a store credit I would be able to get £10 off of my desired game?

    Sorry if I'm getting this wrong but I just wanted to clarify this as it could be a great deal for me if it works how I think it does.

    Cheers for any help! :-D


    Yes, it's store credit.

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    Well, that solved that problem.

    Cheers :-D

    the we buy price is the cash price (most stores only give cash for the first x amount of customers uptil midday)

    the exchange price is the credit price .... you will need to sign up for a cex card (free) and then they will print off a receipt with the value of the credit you have been given

    you can then use this on any item instore (at any store)... when you buy from cex..... check the discs and items ..... i bought a ps3 but had no controller :lol:

    as i felt they would have checked it was there..... check the disc for damage too ....

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    Can I use the credit online as well?

    Nearest CeX store is a fair drive away


    Can I use the credit online as well?Nearest CeX store is a fair drive away

    unfortunately not ....... you can send your games to cex via post but it takes a while & you have to pay postage costs ....... have you tried Game and HMV..... they also do trade in's and hmv seem to give good prices at the moment ..... not as good as cex (cex is over priced :lol:)

    If you have a printed voucher you can mail tjat in and buy from the website.

    I don't think they have a limit on the number of customers they give cash to - they just decide if they want the item. If they already have muliple copies they are "out of cash" but if it is something they think will sell well then cash suddenly appears.

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