Cex grade B phones

Posted 22nd Sep
I'm looking to purchase a grade B phone from cex.

Wanting to know if anyone has bought a grade B phone from cex?

Has the condition been decent or badly worn?

Any issues with the phone?

Would you recommend buying or not?

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I sold CEX what I considered to be a Mint Grade A Galaxy S8, they pointed out the tiniest of marks on the rear and downgraded it to a B.. it was complete with its box and accessories etc, not sure if they woudl sell it as a B though, but if thats anything to go off Grade B is almost mint!
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Grade B can be very variable.
My wife bought an iPhone XR B grade. It was mint bar no original charger.
Where as I’ve see some stuff on the shelf as B grade that looks a bit rough.
B normally means no box and maybe not original accessories.
Yeah it’s a really bad grading system in CeX, even if the phone is mint but no box they will grade as a B. If it’s in a rough condition but no dents or deep scratches, regardless of box it would still be a grade B. Then C grade is anything that has a deep scratch or dent. If you have the option and it’s local just take a look first, however you can always return it if you’re not happy with the condition
It made me laugh when I took a special edition sphero “battleworn” BB8 toy in, basically it was brand new in its box with all accessories... They graded it a C, I had to point out that it is made to look the way it looked
B grade various greatly across our local CEX stores. Three of the,B grade is pretty much perfect or may be missing box /accessories.
But two other stores have what I'd consider bad C grade phones marked as B because they're not cracked.
So personally, I'd never buy B grade online because it just allocates a stores stock randomly. If it was in a local store, I'd go.and check it out before buying.

But it depends on how much scratches and marks bother you as well. I mean I've tried to buy stuff privately listed as perfect /as new, only for it to be considerably scratched in my opinion.
Buy it and if your not happy send it back or return to store, you can buy online and return to any store if you dont want to chance post issues, then buy another one till you get good stock.
Thanks for the comments, I'm going buy it online and if its not right, l will return it to a store within 14days.
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