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Cex head office

Posted 21st Jul 2013
anyone know of the email address I cab write to. There must be a CEO of this company and he/she must have an email address. I don't need the wecare@webuy. com thing. I've been there done that,unfortunately I need to go higher,except I can't find it anywhere even with a Google search. please help
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there isn't any other contact information. all there customer service is based in India. the only UK office is for hr. so good look with getting any higher up!
You can't go any higher, I tried to get information from their customer services and they wouldn't give it. They said you have to resolve it with them. Only left with citizens advice.
perhaps the reason they have hidden it so well is that they dont want to be contacted.
Snail mail.
just as I expected. I just received an email from them that all head office email addresses are for internal only. I will pursue tho.
Why not have a look at LinkedIn find the MD / CEO's name and then name.surname @ webuy. com
good shout that one mate. I'll give that one a go.
djm@webuy.com (David Mullins)
dbutler@webuy.com (David Butler)
CEX directors
Thank you ashpreston for your input. Most appreciated

djm@webuy.com (David Mullins)dbutler@webuy.com (David Butler)CEX directors

wow that was good
And if they're work emails are like the way my ceo gets his external emails they go thru his pa first

Thank you ashpreston for your input. Most appreciated

Sorry for bumping this old thread (at least it's under a year old)!

I was just wandering whether you had any response from either of the email addresses above?

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