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Found 15th Jun 2009
Hi people,

Looking for some advice on using the company CEX to sell games to.

I'm in Scotland, and there isn't a store near me, therefore if would like to exchange/trade games etc, would need to post my games off.

My question is, if i look at the site just now, add the items i want to trade, then how long is the item value (shown in my basket) valid for?

Is that an agreement i then have with them, so providing games were sent in the next day or two, then i'd get that fee? Or, could it change between me sending the games tomorrow, and them receiving them later in the week say?

Any advice would be good.

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it will be on their site, like we will pay the value that is correct on the day of recieving goods etc

beware of their payment time, it can take a month or more, and always send the items recorded delivery (so they can't say it never arrived), and get a certificate of posting (free from po)

gimme 5 to check the cex site for the exact details on the above
No probs, thanks, mate.
It does take an age but i think they do tell you when its been received im pretty sure there is no guarentee for the price on the site and the price they give you although i havent used them for a while
How long will it take to get my money?
Once we receive your goods we will get to work immediately, and we will endeavour to test and process payments within a week. Please note that if you select ‘Credit Card’ as your method of payment your bank may take up to 15 working days to clear your funds into your account; the process is very similar to a card refund.
You must ensure that the correct card details and address are supplied, as CeX cannot be held responsible for funds not reaching you due to incorrect information being provided to us.

Please package your goods securely in order to prevent damage while in transit. Please do not use shredded paper as a box filler. Please ensure the order number is clearly visible on the outside of the box (preferably written boldly with a marker pen).

Please note value we offer for your items may be reduced upon receipt depending on their condition. We may also reduce the price if the quantity being sold by a customer exceeds five [5] units within a period of one [1] month.

Your goods must be received by CeX Ltd at the designated location within five [5] working days of your order being placed. Quoted prices may vary or orders may be cancelled if goods are not received within this period.

hopefully these quotes answer any questions :thumbsup:
Dont do it. Sell them elsewhere, you wont get paid at all, or it will take ages!!

Dont do it. Sell them elsewhere, you wont get paid at all, or it will … Dont do it. Sell them elsewhere, you wont get paid at all, or it will take ages!!

+1 they owed me £309.10 for 6 weeks had to sent 10+ emails before they even admitted reciving them and i used a courier!!! :?
Thanks for the answers people, maybe best avoid then, lol!

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