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Found 2nd Oct 2017
Heya, hopefully someone can fill me in on some stuff when selling in-store.

If I already have an online account (that has my bank details logged to it), can I use that (account number) to sell in-store or would I still need to setup a new membership? If I do need to setup a full membership, will my visa debit card be enough for a proof of identity?

2. This bulk buy policy discount they have, to what number do they apply a discount?

3. When they do bank transfer in-store, do I need to use my pin? Kinda don't want to input that, dodgy places that they are (they can't do much with sort code and account number... except pay me. Pin is another matter).

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1. I don't know.

2. Varies from store to store. Anything from 3 upwards for small items... I tried to do 2 PS VRs though and they wanted to class that as bulk so I walked away with the second one and did it elsewhere. If you've got a lot of the same item, if you're able to spread them across a few stores.

3. No pin needed - it's done by bank transfer.
Thanks for the answers. Much appreciated.

One more, does anyone know if bulk selling applies to different customers from the same address?

I would find out myself but weirdly the phone number for the store online is out of service.
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