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CeX in store returns policy

Posted 1st Jun 2015
What is CeX policy on instore bought games, and can anyone quote me an online source, preferably from CeX?

TL:DR : 2 visits to CeX, 2 slightly varied reasons.

I visited twice in the same hour to try and return a game and had different results. (Game in question is New Super Mario Bros DS)

1st visit) I went in store to return the item but a member of staff refused to take it back, citing that it is 48 hours for this item, despite what the article says, and that this 14 day unwanted policy only applies to certain electronic items towards the front of the door (computer screens, mobile phones etc). After quoting the online policy I read, he said he has worked there for 4 years and knows the policy hasn't changed since.

2nd visit) I went back to the store after reading the policy online, and a different member of staff told me it only applied to online purchases and that it would be a money loss because everyone would do it and that the policy instore is different. His manager added "Yes, otherwise we would be losing money because everyone would do it". I asked where I might find the in store policy as the website doesn't reflect in store policy, and the employee recited that any consumable like my item cannot be returned (change from him saying my item would cause money loss, to the fact my item is now defined as a consumable), but some other things can be within 48 hours, and the 14 day policy only is for online buys (contradicting the 1st visit employee who said he worked there for over 4 years and knew the policy for over 4 years). I asked where online it said this, and he said it was not available but he is more than happy to trade it in (5 pounds loss).

In all, I received 2 different reasons, with the second one prioritising profit over customer satisfaction (understandable to an extent) and saying my game was a consumable (in my opinion, no online play or special code or anything that would define it as consumable item).

Has anyone had any issues or similar problems when dealing with CeX and can give any advice?

Thanks in advance.
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