cex iphone

    not sure if i am reading this right but cex will give me £222 for a grade A unlocked 2g iphone?

    can anyone take a look and confirm this for me?

    if so im off there tommorow hehe



    thats right is it on 3rd page??

    Yes CEX regularly trade in phones and other items including games etc.

    Compare what they will offer to their off the shelf price and to ebay completed listings and to online retailers and even HUKD deals if it's on offer to compare.

    Original Poster

    yes third page, thanks guys rep left

    That should be right, but I have a bad experience with them myself. We took two brand new t280i with all accessories but no original box. We thought they would be "B" graded, but the guy wanted to rate them c.... At the end we were better off selling on ebay!
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