Posted 3rd Jan 2020
I organised selling 2 items of the same to cex last week, on the website it showed an amount id get, receivied an email tonight saying

"Upon receiving your order we noticed you are selling multiples of the same/similar item. Due to this, your entire order is subject to a 25% discount."

Now, seems a bit of a joke.....can i ask them to honor the price? Or do i have to get send them back...then i send them one at a time to sell o.O

Pretty dumb imo.
Community Updates
From CeX: "If you want to sell multiple copies of the same/similar item then a bulk discount may be applied. You will be emailed details of any change of price and allowed 5 working days to respond. If you fail to reply, this will be seen as your agreement to the new offer and the transaction will be processed. Please make sure you reply if you do not wish to accept the new price."